South Western Obstetrical & Gynaecological Society

South Western Obstetrical & Gynaecological
Society Meeting

18th June 2021

SWOGS Membership: Why to Pay your Membership Fees!


The first SWOGS (South Western Obstetrical and Gynaecological Society) meeting was held in June 1949 in Bristol. SWOGS is one of the longest lasting O&G Societies in the UK and seeks to educate, inform and introduce colleagues to each other.

Our annual scientific meetings combine state of the art lectures from regional experts and beyond, RCOG representatives, historical lectures and undergraduate and postgraduate research. The Society has 4 medical schools in its catchment (Plymouth, Exeter, Bristol and Southampton) and the Annual Meeting gives researchers the chance to present their work to a wide local audience that is genuinely supportive and appreciative of their contribution. With increasing numbers of NIHR studies, this is also an ideal opportunity to increase awareness and recruitment to clinical trials. There are prestigious prizes awarded each year for the top rated presentations. The Annual Meeting is also an ideal venue to encounter a large volume of industry representatives at one "sitting": invaluable when opportunities are limited at one's own hospital.


Most importantly, SWOGS is a forum to meet colleagues from across the region. Many of us have chosen to live and work in the South West and Wessex for very similar reasons and a natural affinity already exists. It's just that we rarely get a chance to meet! Many of us have made lifelong friends through SWOGS and professionally SWOGS provides a network of local experts and colleagues for advice with difficult cases, professional issues and support in difficult times. For trainees, whom we strongly encourage to attend, this is an ideal opportunity for them to meet and greet potential Consultant colleagues of the future and "showcase" their talents. For many trainees, the Meetings provide an opportunity to compare and contrast their teaching experience and cross-pollinate across different training regions.

Membership Fee

The annual Membership Fee has remained at £20 for over a decade. This is deductible for tax purposes. Out of the Membership Fees, we arrange and subsidise the Annual Meeting, sponsor the prizes, and make charitable donations (to Wellbeing for Women and Female Cancer charities for example). Monies can be directed to research or clinical purposes if members at the AGM agree upon this. With industry support to all forms of such medical meetings diminishing over the years from ABPI and other directives and study leave budgets being pruned continually, we all acknowledge how difficult it is for such societies as SWOGS to continue. We very much hope that you feel SWOGS is worth supporting into the future.

For this reason, we would be most grateful if you are not already paying your £20 annual Membership Fee you could please consider completing this mandate form and sending it to your bank.

With very best wishes
Miss Lisa Verity, Honorary Secretary of SWOGS and Mr Tim Hillard, President of SWOGS 2018


Year President Month Place Conference Lead
2019 Miss Gurpreet Pandher May Bristol Melanie Griffin
2018 Mr Tim Hillard May Southampton Dimitrios Miligkos
2017 Mr Tim Hillard May Plymouth Elinor Medd
2016 Mr Seumas Eckford October Poole Daniel Webster
2015 Mr Seumas Eckford October Swindon Hany Gamal-Eldeen and Tamer Abdelrazik
2014 Mr Fraser Mcleod October Bristol Rachel Liebling
2013 Mr Fraser Mcleod October Winchester Lawrence Olujide
2012 Mr Keith  Louden September Torquay Julian Barrington
2011 Mr Keith Louden October Gloucester Mark James
Madhavi Vellayan
2010 Mr Bob Anderson October Truro (Eden Project) Lisa Verity
2009 Mr Bob Anderson October Basingstoke Ben O'Sullivan
2008 Mr Tony Falconer October Taunton Guy Fender
2007 Mr Tony Falconer October Plymouth Luigi Bombieri
2006       October Cheltenham May Pillai
2005       October Bristol, Southmead Tim Draycott
2004   Geoff Dunster May Barnstaple Seumas Eckford
2004   Geoff Dunster October Poole Tim Hillard
2003   Geoff Dunster May Salisbury  
2002   John Richardson May Bristol Peter Soothill
2002   John Richardson October Bath Maggi Tonge
2001   John Richardson October New Forest Ash Monga
2000   P. Docherty October Cape Town  
2000   P. Docherty May Plymouth  
1999   M. Grundy October Winchester  
1999   M. Grundy May Gloucester  
1998   J.  Friend October Belfast  
1998   J.  Friend May Bristol, Southmead  
1997   D. Gibbens May Truro  
1996   P. Niven May Jersey  
1996   P. Niven October Salisbury  
1995   W. Bradford May Cheltenham  
1995   W. Bradford October Gloucester  
1994   P. Grenfell May Barnstaple  
1994   P. Grenfell October Portsmouth  
1993   A. Clark May Brockenhust  
1993   A. Clark October Taunton  
1992   N. Gardner May Exeter  
1992   N. Gardner October Bath  
1991   J. Boyd May Bristol  
1991   J. Boyd October Poole  
1990   J. Cooper May Plymouth  
1990   J. Cooper October Dublin  
1989   V. Jones May Yeovil  
1989   V. Jones October Chichester  
1988   B. Cooke May Edinburgh    
1988   B. Cooke October Gloucester    
1987   J. Dennis May Falmouth/Truro  
1987   J. Dennis October Winchester  
1986   M. Yates May Guernsey  
1986   M. Yates October Swindon  
1985   A. Davidson May Dorchester  
1985   A. Davidson October Southampton  
1984   K. Craig May Paris  
1984   K. Craig October Portsmouth  
1983   G. Smedley May Barnstaple  
1983   G. Smedley October Bristol  
1982   R. Adam May Torquay  
1982   R. Adam October Exeter  
1981   G. Davidson May La Baule  
1981   G. Davidson October Taunton  
1980 Mr S. Lubert May Bournemouth  
1980 Mr S. Lubert October Basingstoke  
1979 Mr W. Pollard May Bath  
1978 Mr S.J. Birt April Jersey  
1978 Mr S.J. Birt October Salisbury  
1977 Mr F.A. Murray October Barnstaple  
1976 Mr M.R. Fell      
1975 Mr H. Hamilton      
1974 Mr J.C. Crossley      
1973 Mr D.R. Kilgour      
1972 Mr J. MacPherson      
1971 Mr D. Jefferiss      
1970 Mr J. Thomson      
1969 Mr S.D. Loxton   Jersey  
1968 Mr J. Dumoulin May Bristol  
1968 Mr J. Dumoulin October Plymouth  
1967 Mr J.J. Foley May Cheltenham  
1967 Mr J.J. Foley November Portsmouth  
1966 Mr Bryce E. Blair May Winchester  
1966 Mr Bryce E. Blair November Bristol  
1965 Mr J. Sanson May Dublin  
1965 Mr J. Sanson October Southampton  
1964 Mr J. Sanson May Worcester  
1964 Mr J. Sanson October Bristol  
1963 Mr P.M.G. Russell May London  
1963 Mr P.M.G. Russell November Bath  
1962 Prof. G.G. Lennon May Plymouth  
1962 Prof. G.G. Lennon October Exeter  
1961 Mr J.G. Hastings-Ince May Torquay  
1961 Mr J.G. Hastings-Ince November Southsea  
1960 Mr J. Nicholson-Lailey May Truro  
1960 Mr J. Nicholson-Lailey October Salisbury  
1959 Mr T. Barnett May Portsmouth  
1959 Mr T. Barnett October Tauton  
1958 Mr P.R. Mitchell May Winchester  
1958 Mr P.R. Mitchell October Exeter  
1957 Mr H. Hamilton May Bristol  
1957 Mr H. Hamilton September Dublin  
1956 Mr D. Beaton May Weymouth  
1956 Mr D. Beaton October Plymouth  
1955 Mr H.L. Shepherd April Bristol  
1955 Mr H.L. Shepherd October Portsmouth  
1954 Mr R. Knowlton May Stratford-on-Avon  
1954 Mr R. Knowlton September Southampton  
1953 Mr A. Leech-Wilkinson May Redruth  
1953 Mr A. Leech-Wilkinson October Bath  
1952 Mr
April Exeter  
1952 Mr
October Bristol  
1951 Mr H. Sandeman-Allen April Tauton  
1951 Mr H. Sandeman-Allen October London  
1950 Mr
Sandeman Allen
April Plymouth  
1950 Mr
Sandeman Allen
November Shurdington  
1949 Mr H.J. Drew-Smythe June Bristol  
1949 Mr H.J. Drew-Smythe November Bristol